Friday, August 17, 2007


Jim sent along this video of a new sport (go watch it, I'll wait).

He also pointed out that I'll have to work on my outrageous French accent to participate fully (a few seconds of the video will suffice to explain why). Here is a suggested phrase list:

FrenchEnglish translation
Madame, 'suis desolée que j'ai tué votre enfant. Son vélo et aussi trop foutu; permettez-moi de vous lui payé, hein?Sorry, lady, but I killed your kid. His bike's totaled too -- don't worry, I'm good for it.
Regardez ces desordre fait par le camion. Je pense que ce soit des boites de rollerblades et des...sandwiches confitures? Que pense-tu?Look at this mess the truck made. I think it was a box of Rollerblades and...jelly sandwiches? What's it look like to you?
J'pas, m'sieur le gendarme. Il a tombé au dessus l' doit être presque à Grenoble par la.Geez, I dunno, Officer, he fell up here at the top of the stairs...must be almost to Grenoble by now.
Je m'emmerde! Je suis foutu par la grille d'égout!I soil myself! I am f---ed by the sewer grate!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"Someone Get These People Tivo!"

From, I bring you a biting and hilarious bit on the Duggars, an Arkansas couple who recently had their 17th child. "They were recently featured on the Discovery Channel. Unfortunately, not during Shark Week."

See the video

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hey, Dennis, Let's Mountain Bike!

A friend of mine just got a mountain bike, and some of us hardcores have been after the poor man to bust some hump on the local trails with us. So far he has been understandably reluctant, given the tales of spectacular crashes we've been feeding him for years.

Really, though, we just do easy stuff like this, man. No sweat: