Thursday, January 05, 2006

Oh, Puh-leeze! Presenting the $10,300 Brag-O-Puter

OK, OK, maybe I deserve this for bragging about the new box I built. But there's this company--for all I know it's just one guy--building ultra-super-tricked-out PCs and selling them for, as nearly as I can tell, about ten times the price of a "good enough" high-end, very fast machine.

What a racket! He/she/it/they even tout the "one-of-a-kind" aspect by removing most of the info and the pictures of the previous can't-top-this computer from the website as each megaPC is sold to the next conspicuous consumer. So the link might not point to the "Lian Elite" anymore, they may have replaced it with something else.

Wow. So would you rather brag to your fellow shallow executive stud-muffins about how fast Microsoft Word runs on your new "Lian Elite", or buy yourself a PC that's plenty good enough, and donate 90 laptops to some third-world school with the remaining money?


(Oh, and by the way, Michaelo, if you're going to try to impress us with tech specs you could at least get your grammar correct. AMD makes "dual core" processors, not "duel core" ones.)


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