Friday, December 30, 2005

Today's Interesting Links

Here's what caught my attention trolling the RSS feeds this morning:

Critical Windows XP vulnerability (Windows Metafile):

And another affecting many Symantec products:

San Francisco's WiFi project hasn't even begun, and it's already in trouble:

Ray Kurzweil talks about immortality:

A Florida 16-year-old jaunts off solo to Iraq to salve his social conscience, and escapes alive:

Brownie In Battle: The former FEMA chief's turf wars during the DHS reorg gutted FEMA well before Katrina:

Wired, Diebold touchscreen voting machines hacked easily; optical-scan voting machines are no panacea:,69893-0.html?

Tom's Hardware: How to put Windows XP on a flash drive for disaster-recovery:

Year-in-review stuff

Wired, Best and Worst Gadgets (the PSP gets 4 out of (I assume) 4!):,69912-0.html?

Wired again, Biggest Scientific Discoveries of 2005:,69909-0.html?


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