Sunday, December 25, 2005

Recommended: Jazzmérica

Bought my friend-and-former-boss's CD "Jazzmérica"the other day. Now, a lot of jazz isn't to my taste; I tend to be a simple man, addicted to the blues, liking simple strong melodic lines. I bought it because (A) she's a friend of mine and (B) I'd heard her sing once or twice, just tootling along to herself, and was struck dumb.

So I have to say that a few of the more sophisticated tracks on this CD flew right by me. Reading her notes at CD Baby, I felt like a simpleton: You mean all that was in there? (But trust me, it's not hard to feel that way when Alexa is in the room.)

Even a jazz novice like me, though, can certainly appreciate her voice, which is lovely, lush, and a wonderfully versatile instrument. Too, there are tracks with strong melodic lines that really get me where I live. Some are haunting, some thoughtful...and then there are "Down in the Everglades" and "Your Love". How to express her singing's effect tactfully and respectfully...let's see...ah, got it:


Ha haa! I don't work for her anymore, so I can say it loud and proud! ROWR! Speaking as a trained first-aider, I assert that any hetero male who can listen to this CD all the way through without a few deep breaths and impure thoughts needs a gland transplant, stat. Hoo hoo hoo! Go get 'em, Alexa! Mow 'em down!

As you can see from the album cover, she is in fact physically gorgeous as well. But that's beside the point, really. Even if she were a dumpy 250-pounder who'd been whomped on bad with the ugly stick...if she could sing like this, I'd still be urging you to give the CD a spin.

Of course, she has been known to read this blog, so my days are probably numbered. Still, I thought you should know.


Blogger Alexa Weber Morales said...

Rick, that's the most politically incorrect thing you've ever written ... but thank you!

8:25 AM  

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