Monday, November 03, 2008

BASE Jumping Is For...

...people who want company when they go to meet the devil? Sheesh!

This photo is from a series on the Sports Illustrated site, and was taken by Jessica Klutemeier for SI. Once a year the New River Gorge bridge -- some 800-plus feet above the river -- is opened for these, um, courageous souls. I've actually rafted under that bridge, though not when this was going on.

Other exciting things were, though; that trip is when I made the decision to get married. See, the raft flipped on the very first rapid and my girlfriend neglected to surface for quite some time. I realized that I felt rather put out about that, and resolved then and there that if she did in fact ever pop back up, I'd be marrying her, because even 45 seconds of life without her seemed like a really crappy idea.

Right on cue, up she came, the most beautiful drowned rat I've ever laid eyes on.


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