Friday, March 07, 2008

ROBOTS! Outstanding keynote at SD West 08

Wow, this year's SD West has been bracketed by two absolutely terrific performances. The first one, Alexa's, you've probably already read about. Today's keynote by James McClurkin, "Dancing With Robots", was the single best keynote I have yet seen. I mean, he was funny, he was informative, he had a swarm of robots running around onstage doing stuff, he even got a swarm of programmers up onstage doing some exercises (sorry guys, the robots were better).

And he wound the whole thing up with a call to arms, exhorting his fellow nerds to go out and give back to their communnity, country, and the world at large. The cool thing was that he was so good, it didn't even sound corny!

Stan, you definitely need to tell Colin about this guy. I think they'd get along like a house afoor.

Stay tuned for YouTube video of the robots onstage; probably will be low-fi, but perhaps watchable.


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