Saturday, December 08, 2007

After Coulton, I Feel Fantastic

Saw Jonathan Coulton at the Majestic Theater last night, with Paul & Storm. Summary: Run, do not walk, to buy tickets for the next show you can get to. We laughed to the verge of incontinence all through Paul & Storm's set. I was actually worried that Coulton would be somewhat of a letdown after that, since I've listened to so much of his stuff that the humor wouldn't have the shock of novelty helping it along. I needn't have, it was a completely terrific set with a nice mix of stuff we'd heard and love (SkullCrusher Mountain, Future Soon, Re: Your Brains) with songs that were new to me.

I continue to be impressed with how these guys combine a knack for cutting, intelligent lyrics -- whether funny or straight -- with standout musical chops. Coulton's melodies in particular bring a lot of emotional depth to the subject at hand, which is important. Even his funny songs always bear a freight of sadness and alienation, and the music really helps you both feel and transcend the pain. Doesn't hurt if you're spilling your drink laughing, either.

That's Janet's head on my shoulder in the top sitting row right of center (thanks, Jon, for Flickring this shot from the stage).


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