Friday, September 07, 2007

Now THAT'S Security!

Guns don't work. Fences don't work. If you want for justice.
clipped from
Bin Laden bearded by the law.

IF ONLY the police had stopped to read the fine print on the
"APEC 2007 Official Vehicle" sticker.

"This vehicle belongs to a member of The Chaser's War on

"This dude likes trees and poetry and certain types of
carnivorous plants excite him."

It took a comedian in an Osama bin Laden outfit to rouse
Sydney's APEC security monster into action after the convoy
assembled by the ABC TV program passed two police checkpoints to
pierce the sniper-ridden "ring of steel".

The much-vaunted protection for the Asia-Pacific Economic
Co-operation summit was peeled away with embarrassing ease
yesterday by satirists armed with hire cars, Canadian flags and a
colour printer.

Eleven people were charged last night with breaching APEC
security zones after the fake motorcade with bonnet-mounted flags
sailed past the checkpoints to drive within metres of the
InterContinental hotel, where the US President, George Bush, is
staying. The charges carry a maximum sentence of six months in

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