Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Just Can't Hate Ashcroft Quite So Much Now

I am no fan of the man, his policies, and what he did as Bush's A.G.

But if James Comey is telling the truth, he did at least make an admirable stand for the rule of law, sick and probably tranked, in the face of considerable pressure.

Did Ashcroft blow the lid off the N.S.A. wiretap program subsequently? He did not. Would I want him in a position of power in our government? I would not. Do his views still constitute a potential disaster for America's social fabric? They still do. Nevertheless, there was a level to which he would not sink, according to Comey.

On the other hand, should Gonzales and Card be publicly excoriated, humiliated, and (in Alberto's case) forced to resign in disgrace? Damn betcha. I've heard of sleazy, but this is really quite stunning.


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