Tuesday, April 24, 2007

You Go Jane!

Jane Smiley in Huff Post [emphasis added by moi]:

Sometimes, journalists portray Bush as recognizably human. Even I ended up, after that Tipp City article, thinking that there must be some mistake here -- maybe it would be enough just to get rid of the guy.

But no, blithering or not, we have to investigate, impeach, indict, and imprison. If we don't, the right wing corporate ubermenschen will be back with a bigger plan, a cannier mode of attack. We cannot allow the sorts of things Bush has done to remain a part of the political landscape, to remain options in the political game -- it's not just that they are unworthy of Americans, it's that they transform American democracy in a profoundly cynical and destructive way into a tyranny. Bush has to be the example of what happens to Presidents, no matter what their excuse, when they forget who they are and whom they work for.


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