Tuesday, April 17, 2007

AppForge, We Rather Liked Ye

Still breaking news at this point, but it does not look good for AppForge, makers of the very fine (Jolt-winning) Crossfire multiplatform mobile development development tools and VM.

What's known for sure is that AppForge's domain name now sends a browser to the Oracle main page (no explanations, no news about the company). And The Register, bless them, tried to call and got a recording.

Moving to somewhat less firm ground (could be a prank, but the likelihood is vanishingly small), a little Googlage turned up some forum entries, one of which pointed to the Hayes Financial Consulting website, containing eye-opening documents like:

I also unearthed a blog forum in which AppForge customers vent about having customers left dangling, unable to activate their applications on end users' PDAs.


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