Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Spy Sub (aka Robot Wars Underwater)

My 14-year-old nephew Jack was completely charmed by this idea. As what right-thinking geek wouldn't be! Just think of the possibilities...finding the watch you lost windsurfing...finding the friend you lost windsurfing...and new horizons in Web cams! ("Now, ASIG Software brings you the view...UNDER Lake Mendota!")

(Click the image for the full-size readable version)

That thousand-foot Ethernet cable, though....messy, messy. I guess, absent a megawatt blue-green laser or a pair of high-bandwidth sonar transducers for cheap, I'm not quite sure what I'd use.

Also, "controlled and powered"? They're running bilge pumps off the NIC? Hmmmm...better keep a fire extinguisher handy to that laptop.


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