Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thar's Gold In Them Thar Jihadist Loonies!

Danny Westneat of the Seattle Times skewers the war on terror yet again:

A federal inspector general has analyzed the nation's database of top terrorist targets. There are more than 77,000 of them — up from 160 a few years ago, before the entire exercise morphed into a congressional porkfest.
And on that list of national assets are ... 1,305 casinos! No doubt Muckleshoot made the cut (along with every other casino in our state).The list has 234 restaurants. I have no idea if Dick's made it. The particulars are classified. But you have to figure it did.
Why? Because here's more of what the inspector general found passes for "critical infrastructure." An ice-cream parlor. A tackle shop. A flea market. An Amish popcorn factory. Seven hundred mortuaries made the list. Terrorists know no limits if they're planning attacks on our dead people.
The report says our state has a whopping 3,650 critical sites, sixth in the U.S. It didn't identify them — remember, we wouldn't want this list of eateries, zoos and golf courses to fall into the wrong hands.That number, 3,650, is so high I'm positive we haven't heard the most farcical of it yet.Let's face it, I've been eclipsed. Anything I dream up now will surely be drowned by reality. The War on Terror has moved beyond satire.

The Seattle Times: Local News: Dept. of Homeland Lunacy


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