Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Maher on Edwards' Infidelity

From "New Rules":

You know, today is the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. And to the people still struggling in New Orleans and places like it, John Edwards was to the poverty issue what Al Gore was to global warming. He was their voice. The author of the Democrats' health care plan, and a Marriott Rewards Points Leader.

And it's sad he could no longer represent them. It's also sad that one of America's best-looking politicians was getting lower-quality tail than the midget who plays "Mini-Me." But, that's another issue.

Look, there's no doubt that what Senator Edwards did shows a serious lack of judgment. But, just because a man, a married man, cheats on his wife with a younger blond he met in a bar doesn't mean he's not a patriot. Just ask John McCain.

But, that shouldn't disqualify McCain from the presidency. Being a crazy, clueless warmonger, that should disqualify him.


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