Tuesday, April 03, 2007

El Reg Slams Alberto To The Mat

Ow, ow, ow. Or is that "go, go, go!"? As a preamble to a piece on a World Trade Organization ruling against the U.S., Burke Hansen led with this:
As Alberto Gonzalez, loyal Bushie par excellence, stares up at his own sword of Damocles, his record of mediocrity has sharpened into focus. Memos advocating what the civilized peoples of the world consider torture, a misplaced priority on public morals prosecutions at home, suspension of habeas corpus rights, FBI investigations run amok, politicization of the US Attorney’s Office – his failings as Attorney General are as numerous as they are dispiriting.

The Register, 3 Apr 2007

The full piece offers a disappointing amount of repetition (the word "moralistic", in particular, is ridden till lathered), but is worth a read for schadenfreude value alone. One wonders what kind of law practice Hansen has, and whether there is personal history here...or just a lawyer who happens to actually care about the rule of law. In the Gonzales era, that's more than enough.


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