Friday, November 17, 2006

Bush in Vietnam: Lessons for Iraq here

According to a AP item on Yahoo! News, upon arriving Friday in Vietnam, Bush met with Australia's Prime Minister and said that the Vietnam war offered lessons for the struggle in Iraq.

I must admit my heart skipped a beat upon reading that. After years of denying that very premise, Bush finally admits what Colin Powell knew all along? The Vietnam debacle, he discovers, should have informed the disastrous decision-making about Iraq?

Not exactly. According to the Current Occupant, the take-away from Vietnam should be this: "We'll succeed unless we quit."

Well, dang. The man just takes your breath away, doesn't he?

Now I get it; the trouble with Vietnam was that we didn't try long enough (23 years from first U.S. advisors to withdrawal of last troops), sacrifice enough soldiers (58,000), drop enough bombs (15,000 tons just in the eleven days of Linebacker-II), or kill enough Vietnamese (literally God only knows, but certainly not less than a million died during the conflict, including some 65,000 North Vietnamese civilians whose deaths are plainly and simply at our door and no one else's).

You gotta wonder if the man is just an ironic comic genius, and no one but Laura knows it. If that's the case, we--the Iraqis, the U.S. military, the American public--are all paying too high a price for an admittedly hilarious show.


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