Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Bunker Mentality

I've talked about it before, the idea that mining the earth and its people is a perfectly viable strategy if you consider yourself above the nature and people you exploit and have someplace to go when the resulting excrement hits the fan.

We've got an entire class of nose-holding "I got mine" rich folks who meet the first criterion, but where can they hide out? The Caribbean? Got their own underclass problems. Panic rooms? You gotta come out sometime. Gated communities? So passè, and too easy to target. Way in the back of beyond would be good, and underground would be perfect. Well, here you go -- a bunker in the woods, a half-million-dollar "summer home" to which you can retreat when the muddy, hopeless poor or the abused climate finally go berserk.

Of course, the Bushes and Sauds of the world won't have to stoop to such primitive conditions. Still, it's something mere multimillionaires can aspire to.

Half of the fun is the earnest discussion of the coming Russian nuclear attack (they assert that a prototype survived a nuke shot without damage, way back when!) and the biowar that's almost upon us. Not your everyday real estate ad, that's for sure.

Oh, and they don't tell you the address. Part of the security. Obscurity, as we know, is an infallible strategy that way.
Thanks to Bruce Schneier, once again, for the item.


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