Friday, May 05, 2006

Demonic Bear for sale on eBay

I am not making this up:

All I know is that I want this damned thing out of my house. Something is dreadfully wrong with this bear. I never used to believe in powers of darkness, but now I do. If you are willing to buy it, please let me know. I take no responsibility for what may happen afterwards and for god's sake don't keep it anywhere near children. The lingering presence is still in my house to some extent and I need to get the source out. THIS IS A LONG READ AND I AM SORRY BUT IT WAS THE ONLY WAY I COULD POUR IT OUT.

There are indeed things in this world that are best not meddled with or even thought about, because sometimes all they need is an opening. I'll start from the beginning, it's the only way to tell the story [...]

Original eBay posting
(which you'll need to read to see why the glowing red eyes are significant)


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