Monday, March 27, 2006

Do Not Let Me Near the Servers

So far this day, I have:

  1. Tried to leave for work.
    1. Up-ended what I thought was an empty coffee mug--not onto my bag, mind you, but inside it, where sloshed the clothes I had planned to change into after riding to work

    2. After grabbing a new change of clothes and getting the bike onto the car, looked around; no Janet, no kids. She must've walked 'em to school. Tried to stick head in door to confirm; no front door key.

    3. Drove to school to pick up Janet. No Janet. Had sudden horrid vision of kids and wife sitting at home, irretreivably late, waiting for car.

    4. Drove back home. Janet had just started walking back to school to find me. "Here, you drive", I said.

    5. Rode to work (yaay!). Tried to lock bike. Wrong key. No lockee.

  2. Seen one tiny Tomcat app on our server die. (These apps run unattended for months at a time.)
  3. Restart Tomcat. No go. Now all Tomcat apps are dead.

    1. Try to right-click to help restart apps. Trackball is dead. Probably the battery.

    2. Insert newly-charged battery. No.

    3. Look for AA cells throughout Soils basement. 9-volts. Ds. Cs. No AA.

    4. Clever Boy has backup mouse for his Mac.
      1. It has only one button.

      2. Click-and-hold doesn't work either.

    5. Ha! Insanely brilliant plan: Wire D cell in parallel with (apparently dead) AA cell
      1. This either just doesn't work, or

      2. I wired it backwards, because

      3. In 5 seconds, the AA cell gets really, really hot

    6. Muttering, I go across the street to Carson's Gulley to buy AAs with own cash
      1. They only sell 9-volts and AAAs

    7. I plunder my headlight for AAs
      1. First I check the voltage on the NiMH cells. All at 1.2-1.3.

      2. But they don't bring the trackball to life.

      3. They don't power up the blinky either

  4. I log onto server using command line
    1. Processes flee my wrath.

    2. The "kill" command is, perhaps, overused. But in a clear process table, you can see forever.

    3. Having gone through the running server processes like a Mongol horde through a daycare...

    4. I bring most of the apps up


Blogger David Dossot said...

And I thought I was having a bad day (laptop bios locked, well known password consistently rejected)...

3:06 AM  

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