Tuesday, December 13, 2005

2006 Auto Insurance Skyrockets As Pedestrians, Bicyclists Mowed Down

Oh. My. God.

Now, I'm sure you've never been endangered by a cellphone-yakking Driving While Oblivious yahoo.

It gets better. Soon they'll be able to WATCH TV ON THE THINGS! Me, I'm planning on travelling exclusively by (1) air or (2) tunnels.

Royal Philips Electronics says watching TV on cell phones isn't just an Asian phenomenon.

The Dutch electronics giant now plans to bring its TV-on-cellular chipset to the United States. Handsets with the chips should hit North American shelves sometime in 2006. To ensure that content and content services will be available, Philips has partnered with Crown Castle Mobile Media.

Crown Castle has acquired terrestrial rights to 5 megahertz of L band spectrum and will launch a mobile broadcast network in 2006.

CNet News 11 Dec 2005


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